He killed his sister because she was pregnant from him…

When a brother kills his sister in defense of “honor”. The family described the crime as “killing in honor”. But what is said about the murder of his sister, and throwing her into a ditch near the Wazzani River, after learning her pregnancy from him.

Does it remain a crime of honor? Will it remain one crime? Only murder? In the past many people cite that the law protects the honor, but today, this term is no longer present after the article 562, penalties were cancelled; as there is no longer a lighter sentence. Revealing the blood of his sister, hours after the incident; investigators revealed what is greatest and and most horrible, after coming to the true identity of the killer, which is the brother of the murdered victim, who confessed to killing his sister  in broad day light, as she was pregnant from him! In details, while they were steaming the herbs that their father sells for a living, his sister confronted him, by saying that her pregnancy is starting to be visible for others. The murderer did not accept the news very well, and decides to kill her. Grabbing a knife in his hands, he starts by stabbing her in her waist and continues to stabbing her in her stomach. When the knife broke inside her stomach she desperately  tries to escape from him, he grabs her from the back of her again and starts hitting hr with a rock, until he broke her skull, as she falls dead to the ground. The story continues saying that he fled running and as he starts looking for his sister again, he asks the help of his cousin along with a Syrian citizen, they went to the crime scene where his cousin discovered the dead body hidden in a ditch next to the river. By then the security forces had heard about the crime and arrived to the scene and finally opened an investigation.

During the interrogation, a careful security forces personnel found blood on the shoes of the murderer, when he asked him about it, he claimed that it is when he was withdrawing the corpse. The officer then forced him to take off his jacket, just to see other spots of blood on his shirt and a wound on his neck. The murder got embarrassed and shuttered; he confessed his crime, claiming that his sister was pregnant from a strange man, but after a wave of questions; he confessed having sex with his own sister and that she was carrying his child, and so he decided to kill her. The forensic doctor however, confirmed the pregnancy for nearly 7 months, while the suspect was referred to the public prosecutor, to take the legal necessary actions.


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