A Letter to My Idol

It is letters like this that bring warmth to my heart and inspires me to keep doing what I do best; to write and be the voice of many women out there.

My dearest Noora, thank you for the love and the support. Every woman needs another woman in her life who has walked before her, one who can share her stories, lessons, and wisdom. We all have at least one, and some are blessed with many. The real gift is knowing there is an infinite source of support that is available when we need it the most.

Today I honor every word you have sent to me and thank you for taking this journey with me and most importantly thank you for holding me gently.

Dear Rebelle,

I know you are already an idol for many young girls from Saudi Arabia and abroad. Your story, your struggle and your resolve has inspired numerous young girls to follow you and become you perhaps.

Truly, your story is a lesson, an inspiration for every human being which believes that there’s more to life than just living. But for me, your story is my biggest treasure; and apparently, my only ray of hope.

You are ‘once in a lifetime’ kind of woman. No one can be like you, because you are unique in your own identity.

Some people may consider my views as unusual and eccentric, but this is absolutely true. No one can be the complete you because you are here in your unique identity; and no one can take that identity from you.

You know what? We have a lot in common! You love the ocean; for me, the ocean is my best friend. You are a poet at heart; and I write my heart out too. You love the nature and love to explore new things, same goes with me. But our similarities do not make us equal. I am highly fortunate to be a lot like you, because it assures me that sometime in the future, I will also achieve whatever I have dreamed for myself, just like you did.

Dear Rebelle, I know that life is difficult and only those who decide to face it really get something out of it. For you, life is an adventure, and you accept every challenge your life gives you with full passion and determination and came out victorious… making a mark for yourself. You might be an inspiration for many, but for me you are my guide. Because whenever I look up at the sky in search of answers; the first face that I see, is yours, and think to myself if you were at my place; what would you do.

Sometimes, I really wish you are next to me. You have shaped my future. My life revolves around your stories. You inspired this little girl in me, to become a fighter, a survivor, a writer just like you. It’s probably the first time I am influenced by someone. I always want to meet you and tell you what special place you have in my life. But I guess; you already know that. Dear Rebelle; you are a star in my life—a star that I shall always look up to find my way, my aim in life.

I agree to the fact that my thoughts are quite revolutionary. Yours are too. You gave new definitions to women, you redefined ‘woman’ in every concept. You have made up your mind that you will not end up like every small-town Lebanese girl; you have decided that you will reach the stars someday. I’m so glad you are. Because, it was only then girls like me realized how important it is to have passions and goals in life. You made me realize the importance of asking questions.

If I am a star; then you are a galaxy of infinite inspirations. I can just follow you; look at you with hope to be someone worthy in the future.

I hope when we meet someday in that wide universe, I would love to tell you what you mean to me, I want you to know what impact you have in my life. I want to tell you how much you have inspired me.

But before that, I want to prove myself to this world, as well as to my own soul. I believe that God we ought to please. If I am able to fulfill all those dreams I’ve seen and please God, I’ll consider my birth as a human, as a girl, truly satisfying and constructive, although I was raised to be solely a housewife (I was lucky to have gone to school). You are my source of hope that lights the dreams inside me. I am glad that I was born in a time when the ‘once in a lifetime’ kind of woman like you is achieving her goals and setting new ideals for my generation and the future ones. I am glad that I could feel and experience your emotions. I am glad that I could get to know you; I am glad that I am born in your time.

I hope to see you in this universe and I’m sure that when we meet, both of us will be equally amazed. I am sure we will both be equally happy in seeing each other.

Always your admirer,
Thanks for being the ‘once in a lifetime’ kind of woman.

Noora Hamdan,
April 9, 2017


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